Red Faction: Armageddon Demo Available and Wants to Unleash Mr. Toots

Mr Toots

Why I stopped drinking Drank.

Of all the missions that the Red Faction series has undertaken on Mars, perhaps this will go down as the most… magical? The Red Faction: Armageddon demo is currently available for download on Xbox 360 (and PS3 as soon as PSN comes back online) and the developer, Volition, wants to give gamers the opportunity to use the ultimate weapon – a unicorn who shoots devasting rainbows from its ass, Mr. Toots.

What would you pay for such an amazing gift? 99 cents? Your first-born chihuaha? A lifetime supply of monkey posters? Put those tradeable goods away. All you need to do is convince 999,999 of your friends to download the demo, too. That’s right after 1 million demo downloads, Volition will put Mr. Toots in the game for free.

Meet Mr. Toots:

I didn’t really need any more motivation to destroy everything on Mars again, but at least I have a reason to tell all my unicorn loving friends that they need to get their rainbows in gear and get to the red planet.