Hey! Play! Castaway 2

Sorry, no Tom Hanks or personified volleyballs here

Grab your browser window, add a cup of Secret of Mana and a dash of Pokemon and presto, you’ve got the browser based action RPG Castaway 2 to help you kill time between trashcan basketball games.

Castaway 2 tells the not so unfamiliar tale of a plucky young boy lost on a mystical island. Being that he’s not exactly sure how he got there, he ignores the anxiety of being alone and relatively helpless and starts out on a magical adventure full of danger, suspense and…well…magic.  He doesn’t stay helpless or alone too long as he picks up the nearest stick, befriends a couple monsters and tears his way through the island’s inhabitants with a John McClane like disregard for his own safety.

Hanging out with magical dogs is way better than homework and little league

Castaway 2 is surprisingly deep and in addition to a varied magic and attack system, there are  multiple creatures to befriend (and raise) as well as a system for crafting new gear.  It’s a pretty large game too, so you may just find it makes its way into your life for a more permanent period of time .

It’s free to play on Armor Games and other gaming sites, but you also have the option to pay $1.95 for premium content (which isn’t a bad deal if you like this sort of game).


Armor Games