Shiniest Objects: We Don’t Not Know Who Didn’t Do It

Wow, did not think PSN would still be down after posting the news last week. I’m going to try some reverse psychology here in hopes of getting it up as speedy as possible and declare that PSN is down forever. Is it up yet? Here at Horrible Night we spent the of our 1st birthday going all introspective, thanks for hanging with us, if you’re still here. If not, who am I talking to?

Every day we are on the look out for the most interesting news items in the gaming industry. Some make it on the site as headlines, and the articles that just miss the cut end up in the Shiny Objects feed which can be viewed here (or on the sidebar of the site) and subscribed to here. Every Monday we recap the shiniest of the objects, and our original articles from the previous week.

Horrible Objects

Last Week’s Headlines

It Only Does

That really is everything

22 headlines distracted us and here’s the best from that list:

Nintendo To Launch Console in 2012, Playable at E3 – Piki Geek
Remember when Nintendo projects had cool nicknames? Oh wait, that’s never happened.

Free 3D ExciteBike coming in May 3DS firmware update – Destructoid
The 3D classics idea is already sounding way too tempting.

There’s an Awful Lot of Famous People in Call of Duty: Black Ops’ New Zombie Mode – Giant Bomb
I have no idea how to react to this. Help.

PSN Accounts Hacked: How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft – G4
Thanks, G4. Glad someone is helping. *glares at Sony*

Hulu Plus available on Xbox April 29 – Joystiq
Keep em coming, MS.

Telltale’s Jurassic Park headed to Xbox 360, PS3 – Destructoid
Ah, now the announcement makes a lot more sense. Full series on disc can only help them.

How Your $60 Video Game is Chopped Up – Unreality Magazine
Interesting, they should do a break down on used games, too ;)

PSA: Don’t Update Fallout: New Vegas for 360 – Piki Geek
I have a feeling Obsidian just wants a complete do over with this game at this point.

Portal 2 DLC #1 Is FreeFreeFree – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Told you, Valve is awesome.

Report: IGN and UGO to merge, spin off from News Corp – Joystiq
Still weird to know News Corp owns all of this.

Review: Conduit 2 – Destructoid
Admirable, yet pointless in the end.