Hackers still being Jackasses, Go after Xbox Live

Nobody is safe

By now everyone is quite aware that the Playstation Network is offline as a result of some hacker flavored shenanigans, but Xbox users beware, PS3 owners aren’t the only ones who have to worry about unpopular kids from high school partaking in some morally corrupt activities.

Microsoft warns that users may be targets for phishing schemes through messages sent during games of Modern Warfare 2 (you deserve whatever happens to you MW2 players, FREAKING BLACK OPS IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  The simple solution? Ignore shady messages and report unusual activity to Microsoft.

Obviously, this isn’t on the same scale as the PSN situation, however as games become more popular and less offline, we can only expect to deal with a constant stream of douchebaggery.  I, for one, am willing to put together a group of gamers and game journalists to combat this threat the only way I know how; fist fights. That’s right hackers, I challenge you all to a no holds barred back alley brawl. No computers, no coding, just bunches of punches. You know where to find me.



6 Comments Hackers still being Jackasses, Go after Xbox Live

  1. Justin Shimp

    I usually gravitate to ps3 but the fact that sony doesnt pay the same attention to their online services as microsoft does, pushes me towards getting a 360 instead.

    If Sony doesnt get their act together then i might just do that. I know im late on the bandwagon but ive been waiting for console exclusives and honestly im not the biggest FPS player.

    We were promised great PS2 online connectivity that would blow dreamcast out of the water. and we NEVER received that. Only when xbox live came around was when sony started thinking they should actually get serious. But they didnt do it right. They just slapped it together quickly to immediately compete.

    If they dont fix it, then hope is lost for sony in my opinion. Nothing compares to Live right now. And I do not see that changing unless dramatic things happen with PSN.

  2. H21

    The phrase, “You get what you pay for” is strikingly appropriate for this scenario.

    I always wondered what corners might be cut with Sony not charging for PSN. Now, is MS completely invulnerable to security attacks – no, but what I believe we pay for is that constant improvement and security for Xbox LIVE. Just an opinion.

    Also, hackers are douchebags. ‘Nuff said.

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