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If you hadn’t noticed, fighting games are back. The one constant across all of these games, new and old, is that there is always one character that sticks with you. The one character you’d take with you (or play as) in a fight. Who will the Cursed choose to win the tournament?


Lightning kicks build thigh muscles


Gonna admit this right here and now… I was a Chun-Li back in the day, probably because I had this idea in my head that since “guys” didn’t like being the girl characters, devs made them stronger to make up for it. I’m no good at fighters though, definitely a button-masher all the way. My wife on the other hand is a Tekken goddess and could probably take just about anyone in that game. When it comes to the fighter I’m “best” at though nowadays it’d be Super Smash Bros. with Ms. Samus Aran.


My favorite fighting series is Soul Calibur and my number one fighter is Ivy. Her whip sword is the shit. All the characters and weapons (for the most part) are awesome in that series, but she really stands out to me (and not b/c of her extremely large and overly bouncy breasts.) She can be play close up or further away depending on whether it’s a whip or a regular sword. I was drawn to that sword and have played mostly with her. There are some sick combos to be pulled off with that thing.

If we’re talking Mortal Kombat then I’m a Kung Lao guy. He has a sweet blade-rimmed hat and can teleport kick you in the head. What else do you need?



No, seriously she's a good fighter.

Ya, I gotta defend Ivy, too. It was almost embarrassing to play with her in some of her outfits in SC3, but her combos and are really satisfying to pull off. Her whip feels different than just about any weapon in that game, too. But for Soul Calibur (which is probably my 2nd favorite fighting series), not to go fanboy special character on you, I had the most fun playing as Link in SC2. Great addition to that game and I got to surprise you with a bomb out of nowhere which had the right combination of annoying randomness that I need when battling friends.

In the end, choosing a fighting game character to me, comes down to how that last move feels and you can’t top the Shoryuken. I am one of those generic Ken players in Street Fighter. I played way too much Street Fighter II Turbo and Ken was my secret weapon. The character I wouldn’t choose until I had to win. Because let’s face it, Ryu gets too much face time, so Ken is much cooler by default.


I’m not a huge fighting gamer, overall. I did get into SC:2 for the Gamecube and as far as that goes, I’m with JDevL: Link was my favorite and the war hammer my preferred weapon for him. Ivy’s…assets would distract me if I fought with her. Yeah, I said it. However, the Soul Calibur series is not my favorite and neither are Street Fighter nor Mortal Kombat nor Tekken.

Captain Falcon

I yell my name!

It’s Super Smash Brothers / Super Smash Brothers Melee. (I haven’t played enough of the one on the Wii to make any judgment calls). Captain Falcon is my favorite, hands down. Timing the Falcon Punch properly is critical and he’s one of the better characters. I won’t look down my nose at Samus (powerful but slow) or Link (diverse but with a crappy recovery move), but if you use Sheik, I will accuse you of cheating because she moves approximately 200% faster than any other character.

I did get a kick out of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and Batman was the shit; I’d play as him against anyone with his moveset – I like moves that rely more on misdirection than straight-on attacks. Superman blows. Scorpion is the only character I didn’t have perfect counters for, which is why my brother plays with him. And wins. A lot.


Like Giff, I never played a ton of fighting games. But I do remember a couple characters. For some reason, I remember myself being a Dhalsim man. Those stretchy limbs! I had a lot of Mortal Kombat characters I would play with but I seem to remember playing with Reptile a lot, probably because he had the only fatality I had memorized at the time. Priorities, right? I don’t think I ever settled on a Smash Brothers character, though I do remember, like most, playing with Samus and Link a lot, but more so because they were just my favorite characters out of the bunch and I was halfway effective with them. Also, I never played any Soul Calibur but it sounds like a series I should get into… you know… for the… fighting… and what not.


When I first played Street Fighter 2, I was intimidated by the strength and prowess of all the foreign fighters included in the roster. As a young man who grew up on films such as Red Dawn and Rambo: First Blood, I had trouble identifying with characters who spoke a different language or studied martial arts I’d never heard of. Fortunately, the human American flag that is Guile was available and became my go to when in SF2 and all the subsequent SF plus adjective sequels that followed. I hope this doesn’t come across as xenophobic in any way, but I always root for America because I am a real American, fighting for the rights of everyman. I am a real American, fighting for my rights, fighting for my life (Guitar Solo!).


Your flag is upside down

I have a different attitude when it comes to Mortal Kombat because my fascination with Ninjas and dinosaurs trumped my patriotism (plus Johnny Cage was a dousche, Sonya Blade had a stupid outfit, and Jax was too much of a meathead even for me) and placed Reptile at the top of the list in terms of favorite characters, though Sub-Zero is a close second.



I kNOw! Right?!

I wanted to give a shout to my favorite fighting game that I convinced none of my friends to play with me, Guilty Gear XX. Again, I feel a bit generic choosing the main character, but something about Sol Badguy resonated with me. I just liked his style… man. I’d like to see him integrated into other games so he can battle a few better known characters and build up his rep, but unfortunately fighting games don’t work like the WWE so he may never get that chance. Lucky for Badguy, he’ll have to spend his days fighting I-No. Which come to think of it, maybe she’s why I liked the game…

Ethan, it’s too bad Street Fighter never got you the USA blazoned Ninja that you deserved, and with all this Street Fighter X Tekken talk alongside the resurgence of Mortal Kombat, I think we’re all hoping that Guile gets his day in the NetherRealm.


Holy impractical fighting wear/nip-slip alert, Batman!


I can’t say i was ever a huge fighting game fan, but they were big in my arcade days as a kid. I remember standing in line for Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat only to have my 25 cents last 2 quick rounds. I was definitely more drawn to Mortal Kombat obviously because of the increased gore, but I was better at SF. In MK i was a Raiden fan. Probably because his moves were easy, but I don’t feel like he was on of the stronger characters. For SF I was a Ken fan. For some reason I was better with him than Ryu, which I’m sure was all psychological, but it was the truth. If things started getting frustrating I’d throw in a few rounds with E. Honda and whore out some quick punches.

Killer Instinct

Also, a fighting game.

Console was a different story. Killer Instinct was my game, and I actually played that quite a bit. Riptor and Orchid were my two main characters there, however I tried my best to be good with them all. I’m sure I picked Orchid because she was a chick and I was a horny teenager, but I guess I should have asked myself why people would die when she unzipped her top. That just wouldn’t work out in my favor.


Hey now. I used to do Krav Maga. Although…I never had DD perky breasts to consider, I would wager that I-No’s clothes are not practical.




I must say that I don’t always play fighting games, but when I do I prefer anything from the Marvel or Marvel vs Capcom series. I love to use Iron Man. His ranged weapons are fantastic and easy to use. Not to mention that his ultimate attack is extremely satisfying. I was happy to finally play the MvC3 at the the Horrible Night Out. One of the attendees thoroughly pummeled me, but it was all in good fun. What I did learn was that Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins was surprisingly fun to use as a fighter. He was Oddjob short which made using him a lot more fun. Speaking of Oddjob short, was anyone disappointed by Yoda and Vader in Soul Calibur 4? They just didn’t really do it for me. I have yet to unlock Starkiller for that game but it seems as if he would be fun as hell. I must say that Soul Calibur is the fighting game that gives me the most ADD. At times I will be a fan of Cervantes or Mitsurugi then all of the sudden I decide that I want to use some of the lightning fast female characters in the game.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

Not fair, dude.

I am with Ethan when it comes to Street Fighter. There is something to using Guile and chanting USA!, USA!, USA! while pummeling Zangief. I mean come on it was shortly post the cold war who really used Zangief. My second favorite in that series is by far Blanka. Why can’t a man-beast get any love around here? Mortal Kombat for me is Scorpion all the way.


Although I love the idea of Arthur being in MvC3, I’m against Oddjob characters in multiplayer anyway. It may work for MvC3 because that game is chaotic and every character is fairly different. However, in a game like Soul Calibur 4, Yoda was just annoying. Plus, I wanted Darth Vader who was exclusive to the other console. Which is a whole other issue. That being said, for as generic as the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games are, Starkiller is a really fun to fight with (both in his game and in SC). He fit better into the SC universe than the other two.

I want to pose this question, as it is featured in every Mortal Kombat game, but I have a feeling the fans are actually a bit skewed in one of the other but: Scorpion or Sub-Zero?


I’m going to side with Scorpion on this one. Sub-Zero thinks he’s too much of a pimp just casually walking up to his frozen opponents and even having his own game. Even though that game was terrible, it’s still more love than Scorpion got. I’m also sure we’ve all been annoyed at some point having played through two rounds spending most of your time frozen. That’s just really not cool. Pun intended.


I’m going with Scorpion. His teleport punch is bad-ass and also…HE’S A FRIGGIN’ VENGEFUL SPIRIT FROM HELL! You can’t beat a spear-wielding vengeful spirit from hell. State law.


I used to lean toward Sub-Zero, but playing with Scorpion in the demo made me shift the other direction. Sub-Zero’s freeze move looks sick in the new MK, but I was able to pull off some sweet combos with Scorpion… plus it just feels nice to spear someone.

Mortal Kombat

Which ninja will you choose?!


Vader did become available on the Xbox version as DLC. He was slow and his bad-ass dark side moves just didn’t seem to translate. I’m with Coop on the Scorpion. I liked his range attacks better since your opponent was brought to you with the spear. I also loved burning people to death as a fatality. Sub-Zero’s original fatality was cool as well. I would have to say that I would take Reptile before I choose Sub-Zero.


Ya, I wasn’t counting Vader as DLC because that is straight bullshit. Give it to me free after a year or 6 months.

Oh, I didn’t think about that, I think I prefer Reptile over the two main ninjas. But seriously, Scorpions spear is the definitive move in that game, yet Sub-Zero gets as much if not more face time (plus his own game). Mortal Kombat needs to embrace it’s evil side and let their bad guys be front and center, with Scorpion as the (skull)face of the series.


Hrm. Didn’t play as any star wars characters…but I’m sticking w/ Scorpion. Spear > Ice balls. Because Ice Balls = Blue.


The deeper question is why are there two almost exact characters in almost every fighting game? I mean we could argue that Ryu & Ken is just plain lazy on the devs part, eventhough they were the main characters in the little known Street Fighter. Most people’s first Street Fighter game was SF2. It’s not like early tournament fighters had a true story to them. The first Mortal Kombat was a save the Earthrealm tournament fighter with story flaws. Their story did not grow until MK2. Street Fighter 2 was just a tournament period. Beat the selectable characters and then go fight the final four. Of course Capcom blew up the the idea of bosses by later adding all bosses as selectable characters. At the same time I don’t really think that a deep story is really all that necessary for a tournament fighter. Yeah I went a little long there, but I guess I like tournament fighters more than I would give myself credit for. So what you wanna fight about it?

Street Fighter

Emulated. Duplicated. And still awesome.


Scorpion Wins! Also, it doesn’t look like this crew is getting together for a pro fighting tournament any time soon. Unless of course, it’s a button-mashing tournament. In which case we could be deadly with the title characters.


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  1. Copperskull

    Street Fighter – Ken
    Mortal Kombat – Liu Kang
    Tekken – Lili
    Virtua Fighter – Aoi
    Fighters Megamix – Janet
    Soul Calibur – Talim
    Eternal Champions – Larcen (Though Xavier was really fun, too)
    Samurai Shodown – Galford
    Shaq Fu – Colonel
    Bloody Roar – Long
    Destrega – Couger
    Fighting Vipers – Raxel
    Evil Zone – Alty Al Lazel
    Killer Instinct – Jago

    Just to name a few. I tend to pick characters based on speed rather than power. This has been quite a trip down memory lane.

  2. moses5885

    I am usually embarrassed by somethings Ethan writes about but this time i was never more proud. i remember when he came home from a college english class and told me about how the best way to write an essay or review is by ending each paragraph with a song that makes america bad ass.

    Too bad none of my english teachers enjoyed that they had to read “America fuck yeah” after every thought i had while writing about “Old Man and the Sea”. Because of this, I wrote many essays about “Old Man and the Sea”.

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