Hey! Look! Pyramid Head Can Torment Couch Crashers in Your Living Room

The washboard abs are the result of hundreds of hours of mannequin sex

The public opinion on gamers is that we never fully escaped childhood, so what better way to prove them right then by demonstrating poor impulse control and purchasing a super expensive action figure (or statuette depending on how much of a pretentious turd you are).

This resin figurine goes for around $380.00 US dollars (31,500 Yen, whatever the heck that is) and will guarantee hours of uncomfortable guests and the slapping of children’s hands as they reach for it to play. It’s not a toy jerks, it just has all the qualities of a toy but the price point makes it an art piece. My best friend from my high school has an expensive painting over his fireplace, but I will definitely trump him with this Silent Hill action figure