I Could Go Either Way on this Outland Trailer

We’ve been highlighting a few stand out trailers for upcoming downloadable titles in recent weeks, however, most of those games aren’t coming out till later in the year. So when I came across this trailer (above) for Outland, I was more than surprised to find out the game comes out soon. April 26th (PSN) / 27th (XBLA) soon.


May want to go light for this one.

It’s hard to describe Outland without making comparisons to a range of other games so here is a math problem for you: Ikaruga + Prince of Persia Classic + Limbo + Shadows of the Colossus = Do I have your attention yet? Needless to say, Outland oozes style. It is an artistic platformer with polarity gameplay where you progress through the game by switching between light and dark forms. Will the action hold up to the unique combination of ideas? We’ll find out if Housemarque and Ubisoft can deliver later this month.


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  1. Wizardtrain187

    Graphics look similar to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet…really nice looking and fluid game.

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