Apple Buys Nintendo, Announces iWii


Took a similar bite out of my heart.

In a predictable move that everyone anticipated, Apple and Nintendo announced their merger today. In typical Apple fashion they took the opportunity to put on a hardware show as they unveiled the successor to the Wii. The iWii combines an enhanced version of the motion-controller and top selling Nintendo Wii with AppleTV technology and the new version of iOS that will allow your other Apple products to easily interact with your console.

What do you think, is that enough text to fill up the summary to get you here to realize it’s April Fool’s Day? As if you didn’t already know. Since this is a holiday that the internet takes very seriously, and the game’s industry has historically had a lot of fun with we thought we’d try and gather up the best/worst of the pranks out there today.

We need your help though. As you come across April’s Fools pranks from gaming, drop a link to them in our comments and we’ll provide a recap on Monday so we have one source for all of this ridiculousness. Also, feel free to include some of your historical favorites as Nintendo Power and GameInformer have pulled a few over on all of us at some point for sure.

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