Fan Made Mega Man Movie Out Now

Fan Made Mega Man Movie

Even though Capcom hasn’t been doing as well lately as they probably should have been,  they are one of the more stand up companies in the industry. They listen to their fans, do their best to give them what they want, and even do what seems to be the hardest thing for other companies to do: stay out of their way when they want to make a tribute movie to their favorite franchise.

The labor-of-love that is the fan produced Mega Man movie has been released on the Screw Attack website and it is the very definition of admirable. These fans deserve our praise and respect, as they have completed something that the rest of us, at best, have only talked about. Leave your petty criticisms at the door, and enjoy this  90-minute feature. Thank you, Capcom, for allowing the project to continue and for understanding that these true fans are only showing their appreciation for one of gaming’s greatest characters.