Games Need Women – The Horrible Show 033011

The Horrible ShowWe recently uncovered an issue about online gaming that stung us as gamers. Justin, Cole, Gifford, and Christina revisit and try to get to source of the offensive behavior girl gamers endure just to play their favorite games. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow

It felt odd a few episodes ago to have 4 guys commenting about the abuse girls receive while gaming online, so we thought we’d bring in Christina to further evaluate the situation. Of course, we have to get through our Threesomes of the Week and a debate about the worstbest superhero movies. The On the Spot question asks: Which guy stereotypes in video games annoy you the most? And Gifford is shown that there are more bad ass scientists in games than there used to be. We kick off the Games Need Women conversation with Christina’s reaction to while trying to figure out what games encourage/discourage the negative types of behavior that attack girl gamers. We take a break to highlight some of the stand out women in gaming from Roberta Williams to Amy Hennig before trying to find some solutions to weeding out the jerks online. Our next Horrible Night Out is announced for Friday April 15th at Net Heads so be on the look out for more information soon. Finally, we give big props to FreddieW and his ridiculous YouTube videos.

Show Notes

Justin (JDevL), Cole (Colefacekilla), Justin Gifford (GiffTor), Christina (Jadetiger CG)

Intro and Threesomes – (00:56 – 23:06)
On the Spot Question – (23:10 – 31:10)
Games Need Women – (31:12 – 1:23:57) – (32:54 – 34:56)
Our Online Behavior – (34:57 – 46:13)
What Makes Them Negative? – (46:14 – 1:02:55)
Women in the Industry – (1:02:58 – 1:10:16)
What Would Help? – (1:10:17 – 1:23:57) Updates – (1:23:59 – 1:24:44)
Shout Outs – (1:24:46 – 1:29:35)

Threesomes of the Week:
Cole – Cop Out, Big Love, Torchlight
Gifford – Top Chef, Black Rain – Graham Brown, Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC
Christina – Thief: Deadly Shadows, Daredevil, Would I Lie to You
Justin – Roku Player, Sucker Punch Soundtrack, The Secret of Monkey Island

Torchlight, Mass Effect 2, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Thief, Secret of Monkey Island, Half-Life, Gears of War, Halo: Reach, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Madden, Assassin’s Creed, King’s Quest, Phantasmagoria, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Legacy of Kain, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Uncharted,

Kevin Smith, Tracy Morgan, Iron Chef, Tom Colicchio, Spider-man 2, Superman Returns, Colin Farrell, Lie to Me, Gordon Freeman, Marcus Fenix, Cole MacGrath,, Leigh Alexander, Jade Raymond, Roberta Williams, Kay McNulty, ENIAC, Cathy Carlston Brisbois, Amy Hennig, Net Heads, FreddieW,, NES Breathalyzer

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6 Comments Games Need Women – The Horrible Show 033011

  1. Spicer

    I used to have my wife do all my trash talking because the responses were so horrible or gross that all we could do was laugh. Or, I would play online as a female avatar just to illicit a reaction because I think women are in the heads of these gamers–largely gawky teenage boys who don’t know how to socially interact with women on any level–so it’s part of a strategy to get under their skin.

    But it’s sad that it happens. The same happens with gay epitaphs being lobbied left and right; another reason I just don’t care to ever play online.

  2. DredScotty

    Hello, girl gamer here. Can I just say, in my humble opinion (and because I just got off the game and started to listen to this) girl smack talk is running just as rampant in Halo as it is any where else. In no less then three games in a row tonight I was told to (how original) “get in the kitchen, bitch.” And repeatedly teabagged whilst being called really profane things. I hadn’t even spoken two words and I, admittedly, wasn’t doing my best tonight either so my score had nothing to do with it.
    Then in the game right after that with a completely new crowd I was left a voice message from a guy talking like a little boy (which was creepy in it’s own right) telling me we should be friends because I have “boobies” and he has “a wiener” which you can be darn sure is going up on Fat,Ugly or Slutty as soon as I find time to get it up.

    I really enjoyed your podcast (this was my first time listening) and I’ll be sure to keep it in my bookmarks and keep listening in the future, I just thought I’d share that, in my experience and the experience of the other girls I play with and share my friends list with, that yes, Halo Girl Haters are running wild and uncontrolled.

  3. GiffTor

    Going to sit down and listen to our ramblings now, but after listening to the news and hearing about my home state’s push to constitutionally ban gay marriage (already illegal under state statute), I’m even more motivated to try and curb this kind of behavior in online gaming (somehow) – it’s bad for gaming, it’s bad for women AND men…and it makes me want to cash out my retirement and do a Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on all of the little turds who spout off with this garbage.

  4. GiffTor

    @DredScotty – Well, so much for our theory on sci-fi themes mitigating douchebags. Have to wonder if the guy who left you the voice message (WHO DOES THIS?! REALLY??) referred to it as his wiener in a little boy voice because it is very, very small or because it’s packed with nitrates and generally unhealthy to be around?

  5. JDevL

    @Feday – Excellent. I was worried we were too dry, glad our sense of humor carries through. And seriously, thanks for spreading the word.

    @DredScotty – Welcome! Thanks for listening. Your “Halo Girl Haters are running wild and uncontrolled” just made me picture your Spartan doing an “breaking news on the scenes report” from in game with “disturbing video” of your teabagging incident. Sounds terrible/annoying out there. I’d hoped Halo and Bungie were onto something with their filtering systems and the sci-fi games being a bit safer. Sounds like there hasn’t been any real progress. Damn.

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