Hey! Watch! The Mario Bros. Get Gangsta

It seems like once a week there is a new Mario related piece of business uploaded to youtube. Whether it be “real life Mario Kart,” or “1st person shooter Mario,” something always grabs the attention of the Horrible Night staff. In discussing this and other Mario related videos with my wife the other day, she said that “they appeal to a wide audience. I don’t play video games that much now, but I get and appreciate the references from videos like these.”

Even if you don’t like gangsta rap and have played Super Mario Bros. once in your life, you will like the video. I love the different interpretations of the Mario universe and the characters we have grown to know, love and even hate. I especially loved the fact that Yoshi was portrayed by an Asian guy. It made me chuckle.

Don't mess with Mario at the tables.

It’s interesting that the internet world is getting a different take on Mario seemingly every week. Will it ever get old? I’m sure it will but right now the videos I’ve been seeing are all original and done really well. The production values of this video alone are amazing for as little as it assuredly cost.

For now let’s keep the Mario videos coming and including homages to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show never hurt anyone.