Swarm Trailer is a Little Disturbing

Umm, what was that? If that isn’t one of the most disturbing trailers you have ever seen for a video game, I don’t want to see the one that is worse. First off, little kids screaming about killing and death are creepy. Nevermind the fact that this “girl” was voiced by a grown woman acting like a child doesn’t help the creepy factor at all. Nevertheless, it looks like a fun game.

In Swarm, you control 50 Swarmites in environments where dangers lurk around ever corner. These creatures have no idea what dangers might soon befall them, so you control their destiny. The goal is to get to the end of the level with the highest possible score but that doesn’t necessarily mean rescuing all the Swarmites. To move on to the next level, the player just needs to have one Swarmite left alive, but the more you have the better rewarded you will be. It might remind you of Lemmings, but Swarm is much more involved and cold-blooded than Lemmings ever hoped to be.

A lot of Swarmites were harmed in making this game.

An interesting twist on the in-game achievements are the death medals that Swarm will reward you with. For each unique death you inflict upon your oblivious smurfs, you’ll receive a medal. The system discriminates between ways of death which should bring an extra level of sadistic choice to the player.

Brought to you by the creators of Deathspank and the Penny Arcade Game, Swarm is out now on both Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.


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3 Comments Swarm Trailer is a Little Disturbing

  1. benji138

    Wow. Can we say, “Over the top?”

    For the record, I HATE any time a grown woman plays a little girl. It’s never convincing and always creepy, whether that’s the intention or not.

    At least you’re right–the game does look pretty fun.

  2. Barefoot Iguana

    Agree 100% with benji on the “grown woman plays a little girl” thing….Simpsons only acception.

    Disturbing? I assumed you were being sarcastic at first!
    I gotta say though, your ability to be truly disturbed by what I just watched is endearing….; )

    Here’s where I’m coming from amigo:

    First off – WAAAYYYYYY to corny to be disturbing dude. If we were talkin lesion ridden fetuses here I would be right there with you….I’m sure there is a weird german fetish porno out there somewhere that for a brief moment made blue jellybeans disturbing as hell though….

    Numba twooooo – WAYYYYYYYY to unoriginal to be disturbing……Instantly reminded me of the old Earthworm Jim commercial – http://youtu.be/53HNvK85CTE – (which I thought was disturbing and radical back in 94ish) except they used grandma for the “creepy innocence” schtick. Been done in soooo many ways since then tho.

    The game looks like it could fun as hell though! I haven’t thought about lemmings in forever man!

    Good times mateys

  3. JDevL

    Haha, nice invocation of Earthworm Jim. I remember that commercial.

    However, we reserve the right to use AND misuse adjectives as we see fit, even though your descriptions were vastly more disturbing than anything in that trailer. I’d argue that the use of an older woman for a little girl’s voice is disturbing on its own though. Point for Benji.

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