Your Mustache is the Weapon in Gentlemacho!

Finally, a game that allows you to fight enemies with your body hair as a weapon. “Exploit the power of a true gentleman and whip enemies with your mustache on your noble quest for freshness in this funny and lighthearted 2D action-adventure sidescroller” (Xbox Live Marketplace)

Developed by Distorted Kids, the game follows a old-timey English gentleman who is cursed by the Spirit of Manliness and transformed into the hulking, Gentlemacho! Beat down enemies with your mustache, and escape from danger using your “Armpit Evasion” technique. Be careful though, as all of this work can make Gentlemacho pass out from his own manly stench if he doesn’t find samples from the 4 freshest places in the world.

Gentlemacho was created for the Dream Build Play 2010 competition sponsored by Old Spice and Microsoft and is available now for 80 MS Points in the Indie Games section on Xbox Live.



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