Hey! Watch! Conan Likes Angry Birds

We’ve discussed how Angry Birds has swept the nation, and frankly it’s getting a little tiresome. I really like the game and I know that it can be really addicting but come on. It is getting ridiculous. They even have Angry Birds clothing available at your local mall’s Hot Topic.

Come on Conan, give Andy a turn.

It’s been awhile since I checked in on Conan because I keep forgetting to watch TBS at 11 (also I’m usually watching Netflix or playing video games). However, I watched this past Monday and saw him use his version of “Finland’s Greatest Export” to destroy the god awful single released by Kim Kardashian. Turns out, this was the second Angry Birds segment he did with the first one posted below.

While these videos did make me chuckle, I’m over the whole Angry Birds phenomenon. Keep playing the game because it’s fun, I just don’t want to hear any more about it on any late night talk show or the evening news.


Giant Bomb (image)