Memorable Multiplayer – The Horrible Show 030911

The Horrible ShowIt’s time to get ready to shoot some friends so Justin, Cole, Ethan, Gifford, and Christina revisit their multiplayer gaming history. From Atari to Xbox Live, Breakout to Worms, Gears of War to Double Dribble, we define our favorite era of multiplayer. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow

Our competitive blood is boiling in preparation for the 1st Horrible All Nighter this week. Before we can get to that though, Christina and Gifford fight over the true identity of Michael Caine. Our on the Spot question asks which video game protaganist has had the roughest life where Isaac Clarke and Animal Crossing can finally go head-to-head. Our Memorable Multiplayer discussion takes the Cursed on another time travelling adventure to the days of having only one Atari controller, hard fought Tecmo Bowl victories, and learning the arcade art of spine ripping. Justin is forced to relive his Goldeneye nightmares and still isn’t able to convince anyone new to play Smash Bros while Cole eventually gives way to admit he still enjoys Modern Warfare. Join us this Thursday at 8pm EST on Xbox Live for our Gears of War 2 Horrible All Nighter. Put us in our place and we’re sure to talk trash about you in a future episode. As we head out, Christina asks for a death certificate from Square Enix and Cole is tries to talk himself out of PlayStation Plus.

Show Notes

Justin (JDevL), Cole (Colefacekilla), Ethan (Wizardtrain187), Gifford (GiffTor), Christina (Jadetiger CG)

Intro and Threesomes (00:55 – 21:30)
On the Spot Question (21:33 – 28:46)
Memorable Multiplayer (28:47 – 1:16:27)
Early Consoles (29:22 – 43:06)
To the Arcade (43:07 – 52:39)
Horrible All Nighter (52:41 – 55:18)
Local Multiplayer Battles (55:20 – 1:01:35)
Going Online (1:01:37 – 1:11:20)
Alternative Multiplayer (1:11:21 – 1:13:33)
Favorite Type of Multiplayer (1:13:34 – 1:16:27) Updates (1:16:28 – 1:17:37)
Shout Outs (1:17:39 – 1:24:47)

Threesomes of the Week:
ColeThe Social NetworkFinal Fantasy VI SoundtrackYou Don’t Know Jack
GiffTorBeneath, Jeremy RobinsonVBulletstorm
Christina – FLCLEnslaved: Odyssey to the WestDirty Rotten Scoundrels
Ethan – Far Cry 2, Assassin’s CreedGood Son
Justin –  Police Women of Cincinnati, Izakaya, Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Final Fantasy VI, You Don’t Know Jack, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Bulletstorm, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Far Cry 2, Assassin’s Creed, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Max Payne, Halo 3, Prince of Persia, Super Mario Bros, Dead Space, Animal Crossing, SeaQust, Pong, Breakout, Arkanoid, Rambo, Bruce Lee, Archon, Wizards of Wor, Track and Field, Contra, MLB Baseball, Tecmo Bowl, Double Dragon, James Pond, Joe Montana Football, Pat Riley Basketball, Double Dribble, NHL ’94, Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Mortal Kombat, M.E.R.C.S., N.A.R.C., Spy Guy, WWF Superstars, Cybersled, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tekken, Revolution X, Terminator 2, Lethal Enforcers, Super Off-Road, Captain America and the Avengers, Gauntlet, Stars Wars Trilogy Arcade, House of the Dead, Daytona 500, Arctic Thunder, Aliens vs Predator, Gears of War 2, Goldeneye, NFL Blitz, Mario Kart 64, WCW vs NWO: World Tour, Smash Brothers, Forsaken 64, Star Wars: Battlefront, Twisted Metal, Burnout 2, Warcraft II: Tide of Darkness, Unreal Tournament, Worms World Party, Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, Halo: Reach, H.A.W.X., Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Modern Warfare, Indy 500, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy XIV, Dawn of War II: Retribution, Uncharted 3

Morena Baccarin, Michael Caine, Macaulay Culkin, Mario Can’t Take a Joke, Bob Hoskins, Tom Nook

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7 Comments Memorable Multiplayer – The Horrible Show 030911

  1. Stephen

    This was a great podcast. I loved hearing the talk about multiplayer, and thought I’d share my own experience with some. I remember Friday nights of Goldeneye and some Mario Kart. Also I remember a night of a full mario party game, which was 50 turns, and then a full game of tiger woods golf 18 holes with friends. That was a long night. But those were the good old days.

  2. GiffTor

    Nice to hear from you, Stephen – we love having commentary from our listeners and are glad you enjoyed the show!

  3. JPizzle151

    I think the Horrible All Nighter was a very fun multiplayer experience. Nothing beats going 10-3 in Execution. Fun was had by all.

  4. Wizardtrain187

    It was really fun, I freaking suck and realize that the one thing that will shut me up is the neccessity for concentration and the anger at being the “kill of the night”. We all need to play again soon but make a drinking game of it. I have a feeling I would be passed out in a round or two.

  5. GiffTor

    I think that the better version is that you have to drink for every kill and take a shot for every win. It’s like a handicap.

  6. JPizzle151

    Hey, I still have no idea how I managed to execute you, JDevL, & Jadetiger with a mere pistol in rapid succession. I wish there was a theater mode so we could do a highlight reel.
    @GiffTor a handicapped evening would be fun.

  7. Wizardtrain187

    It may have had something to do my habit of rushing headlong into gunfire and thinking you were actually one of my teammates.

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