Radeon HD 6990: The Closest Thing to Putting a Nuclear Reactor in your PC

Rumor has it that only three bald eagles died during the production of this graphics card

I’m not one for talking too much tech (especially being the lone PC gamer on this site) but with the arrival of Crysis 2 this month and the announcement of the gorgeous Battlefield 3, the non-console gamers may want to have an idea of the kind of card to look into for a bit of high powered gaming. The AMD Radeon HD 6990 could be your graphics solution in the same way that a machine gun that shoots exploding bullets full of poison would be a solution to a chipmunk infestation.

Tech Radar reviewed the card recently and came to the conclusion that while jamming two already powerful cards into one case to fit one PCI slot is convenient, the stupid amount of power behind it may be a bit much. It goes without saying that the price point is well above what most rational people are willing to pay (almost $900.00, the price of a mid range laptop). Additionally, its size might make it difficult to fit into smaller PC cases and the amount of heat it gives off as well as its energy use is pretty high. Al Gore may not approve of your PC gaming should you choose this puppy. From the report, two 6970’s in crossfire mode would give you just as much power without the need for tweaking your power supply as much.

At this point in time it is the most powerful GPU on the market, and if you’re the type that gets aroused by such things you should probably go out and grab it, then post a video of yourself unboxing it on the web because those videos are really awesome.


Tech Radar

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  1. GiffTor

    Wow. And I was worried my recent 8GB purchase of RAM was overkill. Is the dividing line <2 bald eagles = not overkill?

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