Wrecked: Revenge Revisited is the Mashed Successor I’ve Been Waiting For

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited

It's about time.

If you never played Mashed: Fullly Loaded on Xbox or Playstation 2, then you really haven’t lived. You might as well just die right now…. BUT WAIT! Lucky for you, there’s no need to kill yourself, or even to dust off that old console and search frantically on Ebay for an NTSC disc! (Interestingly, only PAL players seem to want to get rid of this.) SuperSonic Software is getting ready to release a shiny, all-new, downloadable XBLA and PSN version of this gem of a game titled Wrecked: Revenge Revisited. No official date has been set as of yet, but they are stating a Q2 release on the developer’s blog. I’ve been waiting for this for as long as I can remember! I don’t have any memories beyond 5 years ago, but still……

Mashed: Fully Loaded

The O.G.

Mashed (and assumeably Wrecked) is a weapons based racer that’s like a very well done, quasi-mix of Super Off Road and Mario Kart with extra awesome. There are four racers on the track, so if you have three friends you’re in for a treat. There are different modes, but in my favorite you basically try not to tail too far behind or you’ll be knocked out of the race. The races are very quick paced and intense and wrecking others to gain the lead is priority number one. Who doesn’t love wrecking others to gain first place in life? There are a number of different weapons that you can pick up along the track to aid you to glory…or smash you to the back of the pack. There is an option to let those who’ve been knocked out fire weapons from above and interfere with the remaining racers. It’s really a simple concept, but I’m not sure I’ve had more fun playing anything else.

Wrecked Screenshot

Ahh the memories...

This is a welcome and much anticipated addition to my XBLA collection. I’ve always thought Mashed was perfectly suited for XBLA. Everyone needs to buy this game as soon as it comes out, so at any given time I can be like,  “Hey! Let’s play Wrecked!”… and then you can be all like, “Hell yeah!” … and then I’ll be all like, “Damn straight, let’s go!”


Not this.

Please… make no mistake… this is nothing like the most disappointing game in history*, Scrap Metal. I thought Scrap Metal was the answer to my prayers when it came out and just bought it day one without first demo-ing. That was one of the greatest mistakes of my life. It has since been deleted from my HDD and my $15 is gone forever. Wrecked is the real deal, though, no doubt about it.. straight from the creators of the one and only, original Mashed series! #IAMPUMPED

* this comment is not quite fair… as it is mostly derived from my expectations of the game being like Mashed.


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  1. chungaflomper

    HAH. yea man. its gonna be epic as long as they get it right.i would have been happy with just a release of mashed on arcade with online abilities, but this is better. get over to http://www.wreckedrevenge.com/ and sign up. and put your gamertag up there . its gonna be a tight community, and ill be filming my games in hd and uploading them to http://www.youtube.com/user/Mashedfullyloaded .
    i agree with that f-ing scrap metal game.i tried the demo first because i never thought for a secound it would be anything worth a shit. theres been quite a few attempts at these racing games now.all awfull, sorry ya bought it dude. see ya in wrecked.

  2. Space Warped Floppy Disk

    Hey Mr Chungaflomper. Fancy meeting you here! I’ll see you very soon on the polar wharf queefing it up flamethrowers,boom barrels and wobble wands!

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