inFamous 2 Duality Trailer: Be you Angel, or Devil?

Most open world games as of late have had some sort of morality meter within. Whether you choose to be evil, good, or somewhere in between has always been up to the player to decide. InFamous 2 looks to have a little more influence on that decision making with two women harping in your ear. Now it’s yet to be determined when these women show up and if they only show up after you’ve already chosen your path, but I think it’s pretty obvious that they’ll appear early and sway your choice process one way or the other.

Cole is a badass. And no, I'm not referring to myself.

Talk about being under the radar of almost everyone this year. It doesn’t seem like anyone is talking about this game as a sequel to look forward to in the year of the major sequels. InFamous 2 is being developed by Sucker Punch and is scheduled for release on June 7, 2011 only on the Playstation 3.


Giant Bomb (image)